Our classroom was featured on Maryland Public Television


Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


Play develops problem solving skills, perseverance, emotional resilience, imagination, and social skills. It is driven by our desire to understand how the world works. It provides the foundation of academic learning. At RUMNS, we LOVE to play.


At RUMNS we give children time to let their innate creativity blossom and their imaginations soar. We introduce routines and concepts that help our students become confidently ready for kindergarten.


Our hands on, multisensory, exploration of concepts helps children develop multiple pathways of processing information.  Our gross motor and fine motor focus lays the foundation for all academic pursuits.  


Having a fun, engaging, age appropriate classroom instills a positive first school experience.


In addition to classroom experiences, our 3's and 4's preschool classes have field trips.  Some of our destinations have included: The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Rodgers Farm, The Maryland Fire Museum, Oregon Ridge Nature Center, Irvine Nature Center and The Reisterstown Library.*  Due to current recommendations, field trips are temporarily suspended. We will host "virtual field trips" and activities during this time to allow our children to explore their world outside of our classroom

We also host "In Class" field trips for all ages.  These programs reinforce lessons learned in the classroom.  These programs have included hands on science experiences,  reptile and animal visits, local author visits and musical performers.


We also have a monthly chapel program for all ages.

Our after care program has a "camp like" atmosphere.  We will learn about cultures around the world through music, food, stories, and arts and crafts.



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