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We achieve discipline in the classroom through an orderly environment that provides clear boundaries and interesting activities. Discipline is an integral part of our curriculum. Our teachers model caring behavior and help children build positive relationships with each other. Teachers also help children learn language so that they can express their feelings appropriately.

Effective Guidance Techniques applied to all children include:

  • Reinforcement of appropriate behavior – smiles, eye contact, verbal praise

  • Modeling of appropriate behavior techniques

  • Redirection of child to another activity

  • Teaching the child to solve his or her own problems using social stories and dialogue to deal with frustration

In the unlikely event that a child’s negative behavior becomes chronic, parents will be asked to meet with the teacher for a conference in order to more effectively help the child.


Safe Sanctuaries

Our Church has instituted a Safe Sanctuaries policy that affects all groups in the building that have contact with children.  This policy is a United Methodist policy that is promoting the safety of all children on our church grounds.  

  • All people in direct contact with children will be background checked on a regular basis.  This includes teachers, aides, substitutes, office staff, cleaning staff, etc.

  • Parents/guardians will not leave children unattended in automobiles on our parking lot.

  • All children under the age of 8 must be in carseats or booster seats when they leave church premises.  This is a state law.  If you are having a play date, please feel free to leave a carseat in our entrance room to be used for the trip home.


Snacks and Lunch

The preschool provides a morning snack each day for the children.  Children staying for aftercare will also receive an afternoon snack.    For children staying for aftercare, a peanut and tree nut free lunch is to be sent in by the parents.

 If your child has an allergy or food sensitivity, please let us know so that we may accommodate their dietary needs.

Rest Time

Children who attend the after care program will have a period of rest in the afternoons.  The school will provide a cot

for the purpose.  A cot sheet and blanket will be provided for a supply fee. Items will be sent home on weekends for cleaning.

Potty Training

We ask that all children entering the 3's and 4's classes be potty trained and not in pull-ups.


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