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RUMNS Mission

As  a ministry of the Church, our mission is to offer the children an introduction to the love of God, age-appropriate Bible stories, and a solid introduction to living as a disciple while at the same time offering hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for elementary school.  Our hope is that each child will experience the joy of learning in a loving, caring, Christian environment.  Our program focuses on how children learn through play, socialization and movement.  We encourage children to explore their world through all of their senses and to develop a sense of wonder for the God who creates.  Our activities are designed to help children grow intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  We encourage independence, respect and good moral character.
Our Philosophy

We believe that instilling a love of learning in a child is the most effective way to prepare him for further education and for a grounding in the life of faith.

Our History

Our nursery school has been part of the Reisterstown community since 1984.  We will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary in January 2024. We have sent forth many generations of students ready for school and life -long learning.  Our goal is to have our children go forth enthusiastically with confidence in their own abilities and ideas with a firm foundation of skills and a thirst for more knowledge.

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